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From May 27, 2023 until June 02, 2023

LERNER IAN +1105.73
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From May 04, 2023 until June 02, 2023

LERNER IAN +6826.49
LYK +696.54


How to Choose the Best Football Prediction Tipster?

If you are an avid soccer fan who loves to bet and win on matches you have come to the right place for winning tips from football betting tipsters. We have a large team of experienced tipsters who specialize in different leagues and competitions from around the world. All our tipsters have proven track record of performance. This makes it easier for you to buy football betting tips based on data evidence.

If you want to win consistently and are looking for the best football betting tipsters, we recommend you to consider the following factors when looking for the best tipster on our site.

Explore Proven Track Record

If you want to become a successful bettor, it is important to learn how to check the track record of tipsters. Consider the following points when checking the performance history of a tipster:

  • A successful tipster will always publish the history of their results
  • The best football betting tipsters will critically explain their predictions
  • You should be able to view their performance based on factors like No. of Tips, Odds, Hits, Winnings, Fails, Pushes, Profit %, and Yield %

The right betting sites will publish their tipsters’ winning predictions on a weekly or monthly basis. This should make it easier for you to make the right betting decisions based on all the data. They should update their tipster performance table periodically so that you should be able to check the latest figures.

Check Tipster Experience

When choosing the right football betting tipsters, it is important to assess their experience. You should follow an experience that has vast experience in betting. And a look at their performance table should show that this experience comprises of a very high Hit Percentage and Profit Percentage.

The right experience is a sign of the vast knowledge that the most successful football betting tipsters can have. As a punter, it is important for you to realize that gaining knowledge requires years of experience in soccer betting. this also requires experience in following leagues, teams, and players, watching them play with consistency. It is this knowledge that is invaluable to you as a bettor.

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Experience in the Right Soccer Events

When you want to buy football betting tips, it is important to follow tipsters who have experience in the leagues and tournaments of your interest. At Wehda, we have verified betting football tipsters with specialized experience in certain leagues and competitions. This is important because a single tipster cannot master the traits of all the different soccer events taking place around the world. So you can choose experts who have experience making predictions for following leagues and events:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • PortuguesePremeira League
  • EFL
  • UEFA Championship
  • MLS
  • Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A

And more. At Wehda, you can find football betting tipsters with specialized experience in different leagues, making it easier for you to rely on winning predictions. Explore all daily predictions available on our website or follow a tipster of your choice to become a consistent winner.